1. 根据应用顾问撰写的功能需求说明书,理解业务流程和程序的具体功能需求;
  2. 与应用顾问以及客户沟通程序要实现的具体功能,从编程人员的角度提出意见和建议;
  3. 协助解决应用顾问提出的技术问题;
  4. 系统上线后的技术支持;
  1. 专科及以上学历,管理信息系统、企业管理、计算机、MBA或相关业务专业;
  2. 至少参与2个以上完整SAP项目;
  3. 有两年以上SAP 产品的应用开发工作经验;
  4. 熟悉相关模块的业务流程;
  5. 精通ABAP/4各种程式的开发(报表,屏幕,功能开发等)及各种接口(BAPI、IDOC、etc.等);
  6. 善于沟通,有良好的团队合作精神、高度的工作责任心和敬业精神;
  7. 具有良好英文或日文听说读写能力者优先考虑;
Job description:
  1. According to functional requirements and specifications written by consultants, understand specific functional requirements of business processes and procedures;
  2. From the perspective of a programmer, communicate with functional consultants and clients about how to achieve specific functions, and give them suggestions and recommendations;
  3. Help functional consultants to solve technical issues;
  4. Technical support after systems be on line;
  1. College’s Degree or above of Management Information System, Enterprise Management, Computer Science and Technology, MBA or related majors are preferred;
  2. Involved in at least two or more complete SAP projects;
  3. More than two years of working experience in application development of SAP products;
  4. Familiar with the business procedures of related modules;
  5. Proficient programming skilles in ABAP / 4 (reports, screens, functional development, etc.) and various Interfaces (BAPI, IDOC, etc.) ;
  6. Good communication ability, good team player and a high degree of professionalism and sense of responsibility of work;
  7. Excellent English listening/reading ability is considered with higher priority.